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Any mums used a Baby Hammock?

My apologies, I've already posted this in the Baby Club sections before realising this one exists. Anyway, I'm probably a bit premature here since I'm only 4 months pregnant with my first baby, however, my biggest concern about motherhood is lack of sleep. I'm self-employed and will need to keep working once the baby comes and I'm an absolute demon when I haven't had enough sleep.

So I've been l trying to pre-empt the fact I'm going to have a baby who doesn't sleep well and I've come across this baby hammock and wanted to know if anyone has any experience of using them? Any reviews I've read look great but I'd rather get an unbiased opinion from the ladies at BnB.

They're a bit dearer than the normal cribs but if they're worth it I would happily stump up the extra cash.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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I had one and found them to be awkward getting baby in and out without hitting her head but she slept well in it but sold it two months after due to her reflux. But friends have praised them highly! Hard to get in UK.

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