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Newborn and tandem pushchairs?

Hello all

Just wanted your opinions. I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and baby is due to be born when my DS is 16 months. I have been looking at tandem pushchairs, and I really liked he jane twone as I've already got a jane and I love it, all my accessories would fit, and it turns from a single to a double pushchair.

My question is... All the tandem pushchairs I've seen place the newborn in their carrycot at the bottom of the pram, and toddler facing outwards at the top. Baby would still be able to see me looking upwards and I would have easy view of newborn. But there is something I don't like about having the newborn lower down. In my ideal world I'd have the newborn parent facing at the top and DS facing out wards at the bottom. However, from what I see in the pictures even though this is an option, DS would have very little space at the bottom.

We're going to have a look at it and try it with DS tomorrow and physically put DS in to see what it's like, but as I'm starting to believe I won't get my wish,I wondered what you guys thought about having the newborn in the lower part of the pram? Will its social and communication skills suffer because baby can't see me so easily?

Thank you xxxxxx

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I'm not sure where you are but I know a few in the uk have the baby at the top and toddler underneath, I'm in the same situation just my wee man will be over 2

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