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BOB revolution stroller VS Valco trimode?

Hi everyone! I'm a mama of three, and my current stroller is needing to be replaced. I want a three wheel stroller for all terrain(we live in the mountains). I have narrowed my search down to either theg BOB revolution SE stroller, or the Valco baby Tri-mode single stroller.
I'm wondering what the pros and cons are of each?

I love the BOB but my youngest son is really little for his age (11 months & 15lbs). I don't want a stroller that he's going to be slouched over in. He can obviously sit up on his own and crawl etc...but I want him to be able to enjoy the stroller and not be hunched over if that makes sense?

Also is the valco a good option for all terrain? I would like a high quality stroller that is going to last for a while (incase we have more babies)

Any advice would be appreciated thank you!!

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