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Silver Cross Linear Freeway and Buggy Board???

I'm trying to find out

A) whether the brakes on the pram are useable whilst the buggy board is attached and in use;

B) whether there is enough space between the carrycot and the handle bar for a toddler to stand comfortably


C) how the board is when going up and down kerbs etc.

I have read on the buggy board website that the board will fit my pram and that the brakes are useable when the board is stowed away, but I'm trying to get an idea on how user friendly it would be whilst in use.

You'd think that the baby shops could give me a hint, but because the fittings on the buggy board are fixed, there's no way that they will let me see before I buy, let alone try my toddler stood on one! (and it's a lot of money to pay out if I don't know whether I'll want to use it everyday).

Does anyone have any experiences?

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