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Appliance buying nightmare- lowe's

We are currently building our house, trying to get it finished before my due date at the end of september. We have had our appliances picked out for a while (GE appliances in Slate) but decided to change our double wall oven at the last second after finding one on sale for only $820. The GE double oven I had picked cost around 1500 and was normally 2000. Husband & I walked in the next day to Lowe's, gave the worker item numbers, she looked them up, gave us a total and we paid cash and got a receipt. She said all of the appliances would be delivered for free on August 1. Friday while at work, the girl who ordered the appliances for us called my husband and said we would need to come in and pay 2700 ADDITIONAL in order to get the oven we already paid for! What?! Apparently there was a pricing mistake and the oven we ordered actually cost around 4000! Now Lowe's is refusing to give us the oven we already paid for unless we give them more money. At this point they are offering to give us the $1500 oven for the cost of the other one (which is still a great deal) but it is not as good quality as the one we ordered and I feel like they should have to give us the one we paid for -in cash. Would you take the offer, or insist that they give the original order??

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