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Camilia (teething relief) !!

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So far i'd say our wooden changing station, although not technically a gift as it was given to us.

When OH said his dad was fetching a changing station for us i was sooo sceptical as i was happy just changing him on a mat/towel on the sofa or bed, plus i was thinking where the hell we'd put it (our house is only small and full of junk!) but it's been an absolute lifesaver.

We have it downstairs and use it for changing all the time now as Toby has a habit of peeing when his nappy is off, like most little boys so this way we save the sofa cushions! Lol. I also use it to store clothes on so if Toby needs a full change i don't have to trek upstairs and hunt for clean clothes that fit him, and we use it to bath him on too which saves our backs and keeps him high up out of the way of our nosy (and hairy!) dog and cat during bath-time

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Old Dec 2nd, 2009, 09:39 AM   53
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Lansinoh - I could not have survived without it, used up the last of it as handcream

Baby Bjorn babycarrier

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Old Dec 30th, 2009, 10:11 AM   54
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rechargable batteries!....totally amazing things... a bit pricey to start but a good investmen in the long run seen as nearly everything jack has needs batteries

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Old Jan 6th, 2010, 14:21 PM   55
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Lansinoh was a life (nipple) saver for me! I use mine on my cracked heels now!

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Old Jan 6th, 2010, 15:41 PM   56
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Lotil hand cream (well dry skin relief cream) really really soothes those sore painful chapped hands when nothing else will and non greasy or slimy etc!

My Nanny breathing monitor mat! wouldn't be without it, the best money I have ever spent completely idiot proof and transportable.

loads and loads of gorgeous baby grows/all in one outfits.........babies hate being messed around and my little girl can look stylish and gorgeous without the fuss

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oh yeah and the tiny love playmat! an amazing playmat my baby loves it and you can interchange the dangly bits as there are loads of extra rivet holes........mine has plastic car keys, soft books and allsorts hanging from it! they never get bored that way!

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Dr Browns bottles

My Loola travel system, I love it!

Morrck baby hoodie

Fisher Price Rainforest swing and also the link a doos infant to toddler rocker

Skip Hop changing bag, fits everything for Brady and for Mummy as well

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Old Jan 16th, 2010, 09:29 AM   59
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The Wallaboo car seat snug.

Instead of having to get her all wrapped up, spending 20 mins getting her ready with cardis and coats, gloves, hats blankets or wrestling her into a snow suit , to put her in her car seat for a 5 minute trip to get some milk.

I pop a cardi and a hat on her, stick her in and zip her up. It also means I can just unzip her if we're inside. And it fits perfectly in her carry cot as a liner and cover. Also the top buttons up into a 'hood' so protects her from any wind.

I really do love it.

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Defo my bugaboo lol
Fisher Price Jungel Gym - he loves it and plays on it for hours.
wooden toys - he prefers them so buch more to plastic ones

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