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I didn't get any and was huuugge (I know genetics help too) and then used the firming oil after which smells amazing and left my skin fabulously mositurised.

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Bio-Oil worked for me! 2 babies and no stretchmarks here! I started using it as soon as I found out I was preggo, and then a couple of months after delivery to help with skin elasticity (to help it go "back to normal" around my tummy). IT worked SO well, and smelled great.

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Has anyone just tried coconut oil??? It's used in a lot of natural products and we always have buckets of it at home. I think I may try it since it wouldn't have anything added to it.

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I've used coconut oil this entire pregnancy!
Just ran out of the first bottle I bought a couple of weeks ago. It lasts for AGES. I don't have any stretch marks so far this time around (30 weeks now).

That said I only wound up with 2-3 stretch marks from my previous 2 pregnancies. I've never noticed any on my mom, but she only gained 20 pounds and I'm an only child so she doesn't count. LOL I think the most important thing is to moisturise like crazy. I don't think it rally matters that much what you use, as I've used Palmer's cocoa butter, bio oil and olive oil as well in the past. Just pick something that smells good and that you enjoy rubbing all over your bump and bum and boobs and use it constantly!!

Also, don't neglect you're calves. My worst stretch mark is on the back of one of my calves!

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Trofolastin creame is apparently the only creme that dermatologically tested with a small group of blind trials. The results were significantly in favour of it. I could only order it on ebay and it was 35 but really worth it.

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