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iCandy peach jogger review

Last year I was lucky enough to win an iCandy peach jogger. I have started a blog about my time with it.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Edited to C&P text from my blog


So last March I ended an online competition to win an iCandy Peach Jogger. I thought nothing of it until Easter Saturday when a bar of chocolate arrive from iCandy. And lo and behold look what I found inside... a GOLDEN TICKET!!

So a few weeks later I get a call from iCandy arranging for all the Golden Ticket winners to go to iCandy University to meet the staff and pick up our new prams!

iCandy University is heaven for someone who loves their prams! We were able to see all the differnt models that iCandy have and also the new Strawberry which wasnt yet released!

Adam was my cheif tester for a few month until Henna arrived! At the time he weighed about 13kg which is below the upper weight for the seat unit. It was great to push with him in it. As I was heavily pregnant over the summer it was far the easiest of my prams to push - I have a McLaren XT and a Quinny Zapp!

The only minor downside I found was that when Adam was sleeping and the hood was open then I couldn't see him as there is no parent window.

I took it on a day out to London, including a trip to Madam Tussards. At Madam Tussards a member of staff took it to the buggy park whilst we walked around the museum. When I went to collect it the 2 members of staff were really impressed with the peach jogger saying it is the best pram they have pushed in a long time. They said that it was easier to steer and felt very light!

With the seat unit on the forward facing position, the shopping basket is very easy to get into and is a great size for my cool bag.

In October our newest tester arrived. Henna was born weighing 8lb 3oz and left the Rosie Maternity Hospital in the iCandy Peach Jogger. The pram was admired as we left as it was differnt from a car seat that other babies where leaving in.


Henna and I have been getting lots of use out of the iCandy peach jogger with the carrycot on.As we live on top of a hill it makes the walk to and from town a breeze. It pushes and steers perfectly, even on the uneven paths.
The carrycot itself gets the thumbs up. Henna enjoyed sleeping in it both in the house and out walking. Recently she was admitted to hospital for a week. Rather than sleeping in the large cot (we co-sleep at home) I decided that the best place for her to sleep was in her pram. She slept soundly in it.

Thankfully we were discharged from hospital in time for the snow. Rather than staying home and watching the snow fall through the windows we took the peach jogger out on another adventure. In the snow the peach jogger glided through the snow with no problem at all. With other prams that I have had I have had to lock the front wheel in order to get through the snow, but with the peach jogger I didn't.

I have only had to use the rain cover a few times, but it has been simple to put over the carrycot. There is a little flat at the top near the hood that can be opened to allow Henna to hear me chatting to hear more clearly.

We have now being using the iCandy peach jogger for nearly 20weeks now and we are both sleep in love with it!

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I have updated my blog about the iCandy peach jogger! Again I have C&P the text. Enjoy reading

Adventures with iCandy peach jogger
Our peach jogger is getting alot of use in this lovely weather!

Henna turned 6months old in April and was eager to be sitting up rather than lying down in the carry cot so we moved her into the seat unit.

When I was setting the straps up for her I initally found it fiddley but soon work out an easy way to thread the straps back through the holes in the seat unit and cosy toes.

I am finding that using the seat unit takes up less space in my car as I am able to stack it ontop of the chassis.

As Henna is hypermobile she is still not sitting unaided. The seat unit has a number of differnt positions so that she can lie back but still see the world go by.

We spend alot of time out and about. The iCandy peach jogger has an excellent sized basket. for me I can put in a cool bag for a day out, potty, change bag, rain cover and sun shade. (well you never know what the weather will be!)

We are loving the palm sunshade. It is easy to put on and folds away nearly in a handy little bag. The only little adjustment I would make on it if I could would be for there to be a double zip. This way it could be unzipped from the middle and open both ways rather than just one.

We are a very active family! So the iCandy peach jogger comes with us. We had a day out to Greenwich recently. This involved lots of different train changes until we reached....

The Cutty Sark

Recently we got our first pucture, which I was suprise it last this long as it spends alot of time going on wooy walks! Jeremy fixed it in next to no time and we were back on the road.

We have now had the iCandy peach jogger 12months and still love it!

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