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how did you and your OH meet?

Wanted a fun thread, so what's your story?! How did you meet? Who came on to who?

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My partner and I met 7 years ago while working together. I was 16 and she was 18. It was my first job. We were working at the fast food italian restaurant. I was actually dating one of our fellow employees when we first met and she was dating a girl she played softball with, but after they broke up, she turned her sights on me. I have to confess, I did cheat on the guy I was dating at the time, but it was only because he was away that summer and I didn't want to break up with him on the phone or on the internet. I did tell him as soon as he got back. That led to a dead fish in my car, but I kinda deserved it. But we're all friends now.

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My wife and i met when i was 13 she was 16 and working at the same riding stables. when it closed we lost contact 4 years ago she found me on facebook and the rest is history.

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Dutiful that's so cute!!

We've been together 7.5yrs, met at university, had our CP 2yrs ago on 10.10.10

Expecting 1st baby in 7 weeks

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