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UK Same Sex Marriage Vote

Just a favour that I would like to ask you folks here

The vote on equal marriage is coming up on Tuesday. Some of you know how important equal marriage is to myself, and my gay friends and family. I think regardless of anything, you should be able to celebrate your love with the person you want to spend your life with just the same as everyone else.

I want to be able to explain to my future children that gay, white, black, transgender, disabled or whatever people are are equal in this world.

If you believe in equality please consider filling in the forms on this site to send an email to your local mp asking them to vote YES to equal marriage in the vote on Tuesday.

If you don't agree, that is fine, but for those who do, please take the time to do something that will cost you nothing, and will take up barely five minutes of your time.

Thankyou :-)

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I've done it hun
Hope everyone else does too! x

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I've done it.

I'm all for equality. The law shouldn't put a rule down on who can marry who. In fair words it's actually discrimination, but they will try their hardest to use a cover up to make it seem as if they're innocent.

I see no difference in MM/FF relationships to MF. Love is love.

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we just did it too, appreciate the link, thankyou x

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