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Mum (Mom)
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My lists for 6 year old dd and 3 year old ds:)

I am organised and neerly finished already yay

DD (6 years old)
1. Lego friends rollercoster (amusement park) if anyone looking to get this smyths currently have it 38 cheeper than anywhere else. I got for 62 instead of 100
2. Lego friends space ride
3. Another lego which goes with lego friends amusement park
4. Barbie car and barbie
5. Enchantimals panda playhouse set
6. Enchantamals skunk doll
7. Monster high mega bloks frankie set
8.livi lego friend set

1. Fingerling
2. Enchantimal rabbit
Then still to get cuddly cat, some blind bags bits and probably some books.

Ds (3 years old)
1. PJ Mask hq
2 PJ mask 4 pack big talking dolls
3. Light up blaze
4. Light up darrington
5. Light up stripes
7. PJ mask night ninja vehicle
8. PJ mask romeo vehicle

1. Wooden gruffalo
2. Pj mask luna girl

Then still to get some bits and pieces to go with which havent quite decided yet. I think he may like one of the little live pets chicks, and the cd with all julia donaldson stories on

I will probably add if see some nice maths games for son as he adores maths (im considering counting bears) and pop up pirates. Also if monster high bring out a doll which dd likes.

Has anyone got stocking filler ideas

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Mum (Mom)
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Wow, great presents!

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Mum (Mom)
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Luckily they have both had easy lists to follow along with a few surprises. Dd just adores lego friends and Ds pj masks so made easier. Managed to get most on sale to I am now being seen as a bit of weirdo by family as got alot of my shopping done and they are more likely to go out on christmas eve lol

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