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Elf on the shelf

Im thinking about doing elf on the shelf this year, DD is old enough to get excited about christmas... shes been asking how long is it till xmas since august
I didnt do elf on the shelf last year but thought she might enjoy it this year.
shes also been telling me that santa cant see her (school have told the children santa is watching) so thought that this way i can prove that santa can see what shes doing lol.

how do you introduce the elf? does yours just appear 1st december?
does your elf just sit and watch them all month or do you do the silly things every day for them to wake up to?
what are your favourite things to do with the elf if you do move him about the house?

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Mum (Mom)
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We did elf on shelf for the 1st time last year and DD loved it! We didn't really do the whole watching her to see if she's being good thing, ours just did silly things each day.

- decorated the Xmas tree with socks
- rope swing from the ceiling
- got stuck in a jar
- camped one night
- was poorly and tucked up in bed
- story time with the other toys
- had a race on a mlp
- swam in the big tin of chocs
- fished in a bowl of Dory cereal
- rolled down the stairs in a toilet roll
- wrapped up dd's school book bag
- papered the doorway
- shoe train
- snow angel in a tray of flour

I'm sure there were more, but I've forgotten! Just need to come up with a few different ideas for this year now.

Oh and ours came on Dec 1st and brought the Christmas box, which had in Xmas books, dvds, crafts and advent stuff.

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Mum (Mom)
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We did it for the first time last year ! Ours arrived on 1st December in there box with xmas treats and crafts ! Never seen DD1 so excited !

We did
Left decorations for DD2s birthday
Tipped out the cereal
Hanging from bedroom door
Hiding in xmas tree
Brought xmas crafts holding a pen
Riding in her toy Minnie Mouse car
Left out baubles to decorate
Messed up the kitchen with bows
Zip wire in living room . Just used a paper chain and left him hanging lol

I can't think of the rest but still have the calendar from last year . Thanks for your ideas wildflower !

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Theres a thread here too:
Elf On The Shelf

I've bought some accessories for their elf this year ... I think it's the last. Just search for Elf props on

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