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Returning Argos 3 for 2 toy

Hello all!

Has anyone returned a toy they got on the 3 for 2? Were there any issues? Im thinking of taking back a toy crane, the advisor from Argos online said I would be refunded the whole amount for the crane, and that I couldnt return the free item. I assumed it was a proportion based on the value of the free item (which I thought you could have refunded). If thats the case its a better deal, as would mean I paid 20 for a Pokemon Guess ball and a Switch and Go Dino:

Switch and Go Dino 15 (therefore FREE item)
Crane 16
Pokemon Guess ball 20

Makes no sense!

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I bought a vtech kidizoom watch which was the most expensive item in the 3 for 2. I was told i had to exchange it for an item of the same value or more expensive. I was not offered store credit for the amount so i could buy multiple items. She specifically told me that it had to be one item though.

They were not very friendly in my local store though, serious bah humbugs in there!

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I had this issue last year with the cry babies. I ordered 2 cry babies (29.99 each) and a mini trampoline (24.99/FREE)

This is my convo with them (fb messenger):

21/09/2016 18:46

Hi, I made an order online today and delivered today from 3for2 - 2 cry babies and a trampoline but one of the cry babies is faulty ("try me" option doesn't work but it works on the other) I haven't opened it to try other settings. Is it possible to just have a refund on this item or exchange for something else as it isn't in stock any more
22/09/2016 08:20

Hi Becca, could you please DM us your order number and we will look into this for you. - Andrew
Thanks for getting back to me, Andrew. It's 1136987563
Hi Becca, I can arrange a collection and refund for you. Or, if there's an alternative toy you would like to the value of 29.99, please let us know and we can look into arranging an exchange for you. -Clem
Brill thank you. Could I have a collection and refund please?
Sure, that's no problem. I can book that in for today between 2pm and 6pm. Would this be OK? -Clem
Oh yes that's brill. Would be refund be for 29.99?
That's all booked in for you. Your refund of 29.99 will be processed once the doll has been collected. -Clem
Brill thank you for your help ��
No problem at all Becca ��. -Clem

So I ended up paying 29.99 for the other Cry baby and the trampoline!

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