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Old Oct 17th, 2017, 07:00 AM   11
Mum (Mom)
BnB Addict
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 9,246
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Single mum to 3 girls, 6.5, 4 & 3

Favourite foods - Mexican, Chinese, Chocolate (milk chocolate)

Favourite drinks - Irn bru!

Favourite character - All disney, especially Bambi and Winnie the Pooh.

Items I collect - None.

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes, especially fruity/sweet scented things.

Special interests - Nothing in particular

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I can only seem to get into crime books. Karen Rose is my favourite, would actually like to read more than I do. Something I need to try harder to do!

Favourite films & programmes - The Hunger games films, Divergent series, Harry potter... love action movies, thrillers, crime, comedy... Love most films tbh

Favourite room scent(s) - Black Cherry!

Favourite body scent(s) - Anything sweet

Favourite colour(s) - Light blue

Favourite shop - Next, Disney Store, Home bargains!

Age - 29

Makeup etc - I don't wear makeup at all. Ever. Get my eyebrows waxed every so often but other than that, I'm a plain Jane!

Anything else - Would rather not receive makeup/beauty stuff as no doubt it would sit unused for years. Would also prefer not to receive chocolates as I can be very fussy so unless it is galaxy or plain old dairy milk I probably won't like it

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Old Oct 17th, 2017, 09:15 AM   12
Mum (Mom)
BnB Addict
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Nottingham, UK
Posts: 7,395
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - 6 and 2

Favourite foods - chocolate and sweets from around the world, spicy curry

Favourite drinks - wine, proseseco, cocktails, iced coffee, hot chocolate

Favourite character - Luna Lovegood (from Harry potter)

Items I collect - candles, Harry Potter pictures/art

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yes, love bath and shower treats

Special interests - Harry Potter, pole fitness, keeping fit, reading

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - yes, post apocolyptic fiction, teen fiction, Margaret Atwood. True ghost stories/local hauntings

Favourite films & programmes - Harry potter, the hunger games, love a good chick flick, zombie films

Favourite room scent(s) - vanilla, cinnamon, any christmassy scents

Favourite body scent(s) - anything light and not too strong

Favourite colour(s) - green, grey, just decorated the living room duck egg

Favourite shop primark, New look

Age - 25
*Don't have to answer of course*

Makeup etc - rubbish with make up but love mail varnish

Anything else? - team slytherin. Also I really really hate toffee and caramel.

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Old Oct 17th, 2017, 13:54 PM   13
Mum (Mom)
BnB God
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: UK ☔
Posts: 111,965
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Daughter aged 5 and son aged 21 months

Favourite foods -*chocolate, anything sweet

Favourite drinks -*coffee, herbal tea

Favourite character - Hello Kitty

Items I collect -*nothing

Do you like your bathroom goodies? -*yes, anything fruity or flowery

Special interests -*walking, nature, outdoors.

Allergies -*None

Do you like to read? I read thrillers occasionally

Favourite films & programmes - coronation street

Favourite room scent(s) -*anything fruity or flowers

Favourite body scent(s) -*White musk

Favourite colour(s) -*purple and pink

Favourite shop -*Disney store, cadbury store, Boots

Age -*31

Makeup etc -*I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow

Anything else? -*Love being cosy at home but also love the outdoors and being out in nature.

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Old Oct 18th, 2017, 12:24 PM   14
Pregnant (Expecting)
BnB Elite
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Cumbria
Posts: 17,053
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum to 6 and 3 angels.

Favourite foods - Cheese, savoury snacky things, chocolate (orange is my fave)

Favourite drinks - prosecco, cider, baileys, diet coke. I dont like hot drinks.

Favourite character - dont really have one!
*This can be film or cartoon*

Items I collect - no one particular thing but i love quirky handmade/crafted things, especially glass or wood.

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - have both, cant have scented bath stuff though

Special interests - Follow SW, love walking, geocaching, beaches, travelling.

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - love reading, like stories that keep you guessing and with a twist, particularly like Lee Child and Jo Nesbo but ill read pretty much anything.

Favourite films & programmes - not a tv person much, loved broadchurch, love reality tv- stuff that i can just pick back up on if ive missed a few episodes.enjoy the bear grylls survival type shows.

Favourite room scent(s) - love Yankee candles and melts especially the Xmas scents but have lots already. I love smell of zoflora,
Dettol and have an obsession with laundry products/scebts.

Favourite body scent(s) - anything light and fresh/sweet. Not much into floral. Love Escada perfumes to give you an idea.

Favourite colour(s) - pink, blue, green, yellow. Dont like black or red.

Favourite shop - next, debenhams and shops where you can find unusual things.

Age - 34
*Don't have to answer of course*

Makeup etc - dont often get time unless going out! Like to get my nails and hair done but im rubbish at the upkeep so i always end up with chipped polish/roots 😂 for weeks.

Anything else? - .....
Currently following Slimming World and trying to exercise more. Were an outdoorsy family and are out and about most weekends- hate to be stuck in. Enjoy the simple things in life like taking the kids on holiday, walks in the rain etc, preferably followed by a pint and pub lunch, snuggling up with a glass of wine on dark nights etc. Love to try new things. Im a decade long insomniac and cant sleep without listening to hypnotherapy videos. Rather not recieve beauty type products as i just dont get much time to myself and all my time is spent with the kids x

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Old Oct 20th, 2017, 16:50 PM   15
Mum (Mom)
Chat Happy BnB Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 2,420
TTC, pregnant, parent? -*Mum of 2 - 6 & 7 months old

Favourite Foods- chocolate, Mexican, freshly baked bread

Favourite drinks - cappucinos and herbal teas.

Favourite character -*hard to choose as i have a real affinity for lots of disney characters but probably Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast. I also love Harry Potter.

Items I collect -*i like fancy stationery and crafty bits but apart from that not really.

Do you like your bathroom goodies? -*I don't really get a lot of time anymore to enjoy them but i can't pash a Lush store without popping in to get a wee treat.

Special interests - i love reading and im trying to get more fit and start losing weight so ive been walking lots recently.

Allergies -*None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? -*I love reading, i especially love crime thrillers. Think Simon Kernick, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben etc.

Favourite films & programmes -*My favourite ever films are My Cousin Vinny and The Bourne Identity. I love reality shows like The Bake Off, The Apprentice, The Great British Sewing Bee, Big Brother.

Favourite room scent(s) -*i love clean fresh smells like Clean Cotton, Baby powder etc

Favourite body scent(s) -*Hugo Boss Ma Vie

Favourite colour(s) -*green

Favourite shop -*Cath Kidston, Joules, Fat Face, Paperchase, Lush. Basically all the places i can no longer afford to shop lol

Age -*37*

Makeup etc - i rarely wear make up anymore unless im going out for the night. I have quite a pale complexion so finding the right products can be a nightmare.

Anything else - would prefer not to reveive food gifts as im a bit fussy with what i like and would hate for it to go to waste. Other than that im just really excited at the idea of receiving a complete surprise in the post.

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Old Oct 21st, 2017, 15:59 PM   16
Mummy May
Mum (Mom)
BnB Addict
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Cumbria
Posts: 9,216
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - Florence 7 and Rory 4

Favourite foods - chocolate!! Pizza, pasta

Favourite drinks - diet coke, lemonade

Favourite character - huge Harry potter fan
*This can be film or cartoon*

Items I collect - Emma Bridgewater

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yes love them

Special interests - reading, music

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - i like crime thriller books. I love James Patterson, Harlan Coben and Kathy Reichs

Favourite films & programmes - Harry Potter, Gavin and Stacey, Hannibal, White Collar

Favourite room scent(s) - anything christmassy
Favourite body scent(s) - Coco Chanel

Favourite colour(s) - pale green

Fave Shop - Next, Matalan, Laura Ashley
Age - 28

Makeup etc - I wear a mixture of high street and designer make up. I always have flicked liner on

Anything else? - i love all things shabby chic or christmas related. I lke bright colours and funky quirkly trinkets

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Old Oct 22nd, 2017, 01:55 AM   17
Mum (Mom)
BnB Addict
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 5,567
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 3 boys - 2, 3 and 6

Favourite foods - chocolate, spicy foods

Favourite drinks - Coffee, Prosecco

Favourite character - None really

Items I collect - nothing, my house is over run with toys and I now hate clutter

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes

Special interests - Reading, donít really get much time for myself at the moment

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Just started reading more thriller type books but nothing too scary, have read the girlfriend, the girl on the train, I let you go type books

Favourite films & programmes - Friends, dirty dancing, American detective/crime shows

Favourite room scent(s) - Cotton, fresh laundry, anything that smells clean and fresh

Favourite body scent(s) - Donít really have one, my favourite perfume was discontinued and now I canít find one I like

Favourite colour(s) - Royal blue

Favourite shop - H&M, next home,

Age - 33

Makeup etc - i wear basic eye shadow and foundation most days. Love getting my nails done but never have the time now, havenít been for years

Anything else? Nothing - Iím not fussy

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Old Oct 23rd, 2017, 03:37 AM   18
Mum (Mom)
BnB Elite
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: UK Newcastle
Posts: 11,611
TTC, pregnant, parent? - mam of two

Favourite foods - i like most foods

Favourite drinks - hot chocolate, cocktails

Favourite character - any disney character

Items I collect - dont really collect anything

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - i use shower gels, bubble bath and bath bombs

Special interests - none really

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? I don't read

Favourite films & programmes - disney films, anythinf girly and funny,

Favourite room scent(s) - any christmas scent apart from fir tree

Favourite body scent - not fussy

Favourite colour(s) - pink

Favourite shop - lush, primark, disney

Age - 24
*Don't have to answer of course*

Makeup etc - eye shadows like browns and golds
Nails any colours
Like highlighters/bronzers otherwise dont wear much

Anything else? - .....
I dont use body lotions
Like cozy things like slippers, socks, throws
Love housey things like wax melts and pictures/ornaments

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Old Oct 23rd, 2017, 08:24 AM   19
Logan's Mum
Mum (Mom)
BnB Addict
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: North East
Posts: 2,762
TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys - 8 & 4 years old

Favourite foods - N/A

Favourite drinks - Coffee coffee coffee coffee and more coffee

Favourite character - Any character thats a cat (Figaro from Pinnochio especially, also Pusheen, Garfield). I love Moana too.

Items I collect - Cath Kidston bags, retro vases/ornaments.

Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Not fussed

Special interests - Running, space/sci fi stuff, cats, the great outdoors,
walking holidays, Beamish (Google it, its AMAZING)

Allergies - None

Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I read but its a mixture of horror, end-of-the-world stuff, but would like to try the classics like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. I like a bleak read

Favourite films & programmes - Star Trek Next Generation, Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian (can you see a theme emerging ) Also baking shows and Studio Ghibli films. Dont watch anything girly, prefer documentaries to "reality" TV

Favourite room scent(s) - Not fussed, OH a fuss-pot too much!

Favourite body scent(s) - YSL Black Opium. Incense smelling and nothing sweet and floral.

Favourite colour(s) - Pink and purple

Favourite shop - Disney, Fenwicks, Pets at Home

Age - 32

Makeup etc - Dont normally wear any, I like No.7 for nail varnish, and Urban Decay looks lush but Im too much of a cheapskate to buy any!

Anything else? - Please dont get me food, Im really fussy I adore cats, my dream thing would involve cats and Christmas. I love retro/kitsch stuff, the sort of thing your parents have up at Xmas time! I like Studio Ghibli characters, I have a fair few of the films

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