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Bike/Balance Bike

I'm hoping to get my 2.5 year old DS a bike as his main present. I can't decide between a regular bike and a balance bike...

What do/did your kids have and would you recommend one over the other? X

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My experience with daughter is that she hated her balance bike. I bought her one when she was 2 and then tried again last year when she was 3.5. At 2, she preferred her tricycle. I tried her on the balance bike a few times, but she just didn't like it. Last year, she tried the new one a couple times and that was it. She'd ride that darn tricycle with her knees hitting the steering wheel before she'd get on the balance bike. LOL Got her a regular bike with training wheels and she loved it. She rides it all over the neighborhood. I tried balance bikes twice because so many people recommend them and their kids love them, but my daughter just didn't.

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Opposite experience here! We got DD a balance bike when she was 18 months, although she wouldn't start riding it till she was about 21/2ish. She loved it after that though! She didn't want a proper bike till she was 4 and then we never bothered with training wheels and she was off riding within 5 minutes.

Why don't you just get a regular bike and take the pedals off for now? I'd also recommend trying to find a lightweight one, especially for pedaling, cos some of the kids bikes seem to weigh a ton!

DD has a frog bike, which is great 😀

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My ds2 wasn’t particularly keen on his balance bike but took to riding his actual bike straight away. Ds3 - who is only - 2 1/2 won’t go on his bike at all but loves his balance bike and his push ride motor bike. I think it depends on the child

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My lo adored his balance bike. He still tries to ride it at nearly 5! Could you go to a Smyths or Halfords and let your lo have a try of different bikes?

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