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Are you going to any Christmas events?

Are you going to any Christmas events this year?

We are going to Winter Wonderland in Manchester. We go every year and it's so much fun. It's the UK's biggest indoor theme park and lots of great rides for all ages, not that I go on any! And there is usually a show as well, last year it was a Frozen themed one

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I'm going to the panto with the girls nursery (as a helper) to see cinderella. I'm excited but I imagine it won't be as enjoyable with 10 3/4yr olds hanging off me lol. Not got anything else planned yet, but I also plan on taking the girls to an indoor theme park but it will probably be at the start of the new year x

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We go to Hyde park Winter Wonderland every year. Think it'll be a mission this year with my bump but I'm not missing it! Can't be any worse than when I used to have to take ds in the buggy
I also like to go to oxford street and see the lights, and Harrods is amazing at Christmas too but I might just have to accept cutting down on walking/public transport this year
I'll find a carol service in a local church tho! Love a good sing song x

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Nothing major as im super skint this year
Kids are both going to pantos with school costing £10 each
We will go and visit fenwicks christmas window in newcastle (its paddington themed this year) and also nearby they have winter wonderland tipi's which look fun.
Were going to our towns christmas light switch on tonight too.
The church near us have a 'messy church' group so we will go to the christmas party and rhe kids fancied the nativity and christingle so will likely go to those.

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We will be going to the family advent service at our local church on the first Sunday of advent. DSís church playgroup perform there so Iím interested to see if he agrees to go up. After they have Christmas porridge and Christmas tortes. We will also go to the kids Christmas carols at the church as that is on at the same time as our church stay and play in the same church. Often they have international carols so I tend to go to that too.

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We're going to an Aladdin panto on the 28th Dec.

DD1 is going to a different panto with school and is also going to an Xmas party with her friend sometime in Dec.

Dd1 says she doesn't want to go see Santa and I doubt dd2 will care, so we probably won't bother.

We're going away in Jan, so I'm saving money for that, so we'll probably just try and get into the spirit of things by doing free stuff. We like to walk round the neighbourhood looking for decorated houses, and browse the garden centres and Xmas markets, etc.

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Nothing spectacular for us but we are taking Rio to see Santa at Hatton country world I think and will look around the Christmas markets there. We will be going to Birminghamís Frankfurt market too we go every year I love it. Hot mulled wine in a festive mug and a giant metre long hot dog
We might go and see the Coca Cola truck too Iím not sure yet.

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We are meeting Santa on a train ride, got a couple of school/nursery fairs and we have a Christmas market/funfair at the castle. I am still tempted with a panto but not got the funds and DH working mostly weekends (can't cope on my own with my two)

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We’ve not got anything planned yet BUT the Coca Cola truck is coming near me and there’s a lights show in a botanical gardens... what’s winter wonderland in Manchester like, Bev? My best friends just moved there and might consider going to visit her with W if it’s any good! How cool would it be if we went on the same day

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We’ve got a few things planned this year as I’ve been more organised. We’re doing the train ride with Santa, going to do sundown adventure land on dec 23rd and we’re going to our local castle for a carol service with mince pies and the children will get to meet Santa and get a present

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