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Christmas Presents Early From OH

Does anyone else do this? I don't see the point when you know what it is to wait

We have basically sorted our gifts between us.

He wanted the xbox Scorpio limited edition so you can't exactly delay the ordering or fanny around with hints and I wanted the Apple Nike+ series 3 so when the 20% off came up on VERY (still on) we grabbed one.... I wouldn't be able to wait anyway

We'll do small surprises/stocking for Christmas Day and of ncourse we'll have presents from the kids!

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We do that too. We bought our gifts when they went on sale a couple weeks back. Like you, we will still do stockings and maybe a couple small items on Christmas.

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nope I'm mean. I wrap it and put it under the tree even if he knows

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Yep we always do it then say next year we won't and end up doing it again.

I got DH a game cartridge so he can download his games, he needed to test it first so he ended up just having it. I meanwhile wanted a nice new rug for the living room and wanted it before Christmas to make it cost....we still do each other a little stocking too though, which I actually like most :-)

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We don’t do presents anymore but when we did I used to make him wait

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My DH is mean and even when he bought me a kindle he made me wait until Christmas morning! Usually we can't afford bigger gifts like that so it was even worse Most years I don't know what I've got anyway. We give each other a list of ideas then buy up to an agreed amount.

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My DH got an iPad which he has had early as there would be no chance of him waiting

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Depends what it is. Last year dh wanted a leaf blower (living the dream!) So he got it straight away-I wasn't wrapping that! This year one of his presents is some trousers which I might get him the try on 1st but wrap everything else.

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