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Nativity Play

This will be Ella and Hannahs first nativity (Ellas nursery did a Carol concert last year as there weren't enough girls in the afternoon session to fill all the roles!)

I cannot wait, absolutely love a littl'uns nativity play. They are so cute! Hannah is a star, and Ella is the inkeepers wife. She has lines to say which will be interesting lol. Her best friend is the inkeeper (she is thrilled that she gets to be his wife haha!) so I think she will smash her role.
Paiges school is doing a Christmas show too, I have no idea what they are doing but it's usually mainly singing so that will be fun too.

What are your little ones doing for their Christmas show?

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I have no idea what the theme or story of the nativity is, but Ava's going to be a soldier - unsure if it's a toy soldier, nut cracker or what. She has a couple of lines to say too. Year 2 are narrating the play while Year 1 are acting (having 3 separate plays so one class from each year are working together).

I know her choir club is going to a couple of nursing homes to sing carols to them at some point.

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Aww cute! I hope they have a great time

Holly's class are going to be singing a Christmas alphabet song in the Christmas play. It's next week sometime but we've not been told the exact date yet.

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Sounds lovely and so nice to hear schools are still doing nativity plays

Elliot is doing a carol concert thing on the 19th December I am really looking forward to it.

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DD1 is a shepherd in her first nativity. She wasn't happy at first as wanted to be an Angel. At nursery they just dressed up and did some singing.

DD2 is at DD1s old nursery and they are doing something but the manager said this group of children aren't really into singing so she's not sure yet what they will do. She said they all love superheros so is having a think ha ha

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DD's year are doing a nativity this year and she's an angel. She's only got one line to say 😀

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This is harveys second nativity. His nursery one he was an innkeeper, this year he is a cow, a dancing cow lol!!

My oldest morgan isnt doing a traditional nativity (he is in year three) they are doing babushka? Babuska? Not sure how its spelled he is a narrator he didnt want that part they had to audition he wanted to be a russian dancer lol!!

They will also do a 'carols round the tree' where you can watch them sing and they have refreshments.

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Old Nov 29th, 2017, 11:20 AM   8
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Ollie's nursery are doing a nativity play with songs in it (some of which I know coz he sings them at home all the time haha)

Ollie is playing a Shepherd and is "being waked by a angel and I have to be surprised" hahaha. It's on the 15th and I can't wait!

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I love the nativitys, my eyes get something in them everytime.
Not sure what dd is doing in nursery, but it involves a song about ceaser asking them to count all the people and them not understanding.
Ds is doing something, he is a narrator. His has a song about an ewe.
They also do a outdoor carol concert, which i love. Its always cold and they sell hot chocolate and mince pies. Not sure if dd in nursery will be part of it.
Ds will be great in both, but i am quite unsure about how dd will cope since she isnt a people person.

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Aw these all sound so adorbs!! My ds's is on the 15th too, can't wait. Last year he was a wise man and I was sitting in the audience (bit grand, we were just sitting on tables at the back of the classroom haha) and I wasn't expecting to get emotional really but then the second he walked out in his little costume I did a massive loud sob and covered my mouth

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