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Artificial Christmas trees

Ok ladies, i need a little help with this one. We've always got a real tree but with DS being very mobile and into everything im worried about the weight of one so have decided to get an artificial one this year.

Budget is around 50 max and id like it to be at least 6ft. I like full looking trees and as ive done most of my shopping online this year i haven't been out and about to see any trees instore. I'm reluctant to order online without seeing in real life but I'm running out of time so am hoping some of you could suggest some nice trees you've seen.

Thanks x x x

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If you’re UK- Asda and Wilkos trees are nice from what I’ve seen! Got my DDs playroom tree from Sainsbury's and that’s nice too xxx

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We got ours from Asda last year and it was only 25 and came with lights on too.

The Range do some really nice ones too

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I second the range, they do some really lovely ones.

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The range! They have a few half price now. My sister's was 40 (it's in the tree thread) if you want to look at it.

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Wilkos have some on display so that may help.

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