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Older kids/ tweens

LO is 9 by this Christmas and doesn't really play. All she has asked for is some lego.
What are you getting your LO's of a similar age? She has all the big things a bike, scooter, phone etc.
We don't do too many gifts but I am struggling for any ideas this year. She hates crafting too!

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Mum (Mom)
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My DS will be 8 and he doesn't play with toys either

We are getting him some lego, roblox cards, tablet, scooter, roblox annual and not sure what else yet!

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Mum (Mom)
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My lb will be 7 but he may aswell be 12 🤦

He's asked for
Hoover board
Spyro for PS4
New tablet
Wireless headphones

All other gifts will be cheap novelty bits mainly from b&m / home bargain's. He spent more time on novel bits last year so I'm not wasting money this year

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