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Thank you so much. Wow you did so many special things for your son. I may have to steal some of those ideas.

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I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you, and so sorry for your loss.

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Hi there,

I lost my baby boy on 12th July at 21+5, we also decided to end the pregnancy due to severe hydrocephalus - you might have seen my post on here.

It's so hard; the decision, the process, the loss and the journey after that too.

Everything is just a day at a time with some days better than others. I don't know if you were put in touch with Arc but they're a fantastic charity. I use their forums daily to speak with people who have been through the Same thing and I have made some good friends through it.

We are also on the ttc journey now. It's difficult but I feel that I need something to focus on, it's just that the ttc journey has now completely changed in terms of how I look at ttc and the fear that comes through something happening again and the disappointment of getting a bfn.

Good luck and stay strong xx

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