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You could have a partial eruption like what I had. All scans had been fine and i heard her heartbeat the day before. It's just so hard to say as there could be so many reasons why x

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I'm sorry for your loss Angelica.

With mine, I didn't have bleeding but, similar to your case, I just woke up in labour one morning. The doctor thought it was IC so he put in a stitch and I was admitted for the night. When I was being discharged the next day with "a clean bill of health" I was told to just take it easy. The nurse took out my IV and I rolled in the bed a little bit to start putting my clothes on and my water broke. My baby was born a few hours later.

In our case it was Chorioamnionitis, which is an infection of the amniotic fluid, sac, and/or placenta, the baby may also become infected. I had been tested for infection but they all came back negative. When they did the postmortem they found signs of chronic inflammation on the sac and placenta though, which indicates that is where the infection was located and had been for some time.

I also struggled with the loss and cried until my face was literally raw from being constantly soaked in salty tears. DH and I handled things a little differently but managed to support and respect each others needs. For me, I wanted to be alone and cry. I put together a box of mementos that included the US pics, a candle (that we light every year on LO's birthday), a onsie, the pages of the baby book I'd started and book etc. After a week I needed to get back into my normal routine. DH wanted to have his family around to help keep everything around the house going.

I hope that you have a healthy way to mourn and that you have tons of love and support to get through this.

<continued in spoiler but pg & kids mentioned>

We had an older child which impacted how we were able to mourn our loss. He was 3, we let him see that we were upset and he participated in the candle lighting, as well as putting the memory box together. But we also recognized that we had to keep going for his sake, so we tried to keep to our regular routine when he wasn't at daycare.

I went on to get a BFP 3 months later. That pregnancy was heavily monitored by a MFM specialist. I don't think I could have mentally handled it if I wasn't reassured on a weekly basis that everything was going well. At 35 weeks we found the cord was wrapped around her neck and that was why she wasn't descending, I was told it was common and unlikely to be a problem- she would probably untangle herself. I lost it- I didn't make it this far to have something happen in the home stretch!- and was at the hospital every other day until 37 weeks when they took her out by C-section. She came out with the cord so tightly wrapped around her neck (twice) that they had to put her back in to try to unwind it as there wasn't enough length to take her all the way out without causing her damage. She was entirely purple. I'm sure that if it hadn't been for my previous loss I would have just accepted that she would have been fine, waited and then been devastated when she wasn't. She is fine now.

It gives me comfort to think my lost baby helped me have my daughter. Like he is protecting us.

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