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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Loosing a baby is never easy, even if you have never seen them or touched them.The fact of the matter is that the baby shared everything with you while it was in your belly.Its been a year since I have lost my baby girl Zoe at 16W2d, I still get sad about it. I have lost 4 babies thus far but Zoe's loss is the one that hit me the hardest.I would love to be a mother one day but for now the fear of loosing yet another baby is too much to bear. Apparently I have incompetent Cervix and will need a cerclage next time I conceive, sad part is I don't know when that will be

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Old Jun 2nd, 2013, 12:15 PM   32
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I just wanna commend this forum on having very clear, expanded "topics". like waiting to conceive (after a m/c) and mid-trimester losses. its been 40-odd days since the 19 week loss that shattered my life. no warnings, completely unexpected, and till now, still no answers. ive been surfing and surfing for information and looking for support groups all over the internet for mid-trimester losses but there arent any. i cant quite relate to losses before 10 weeks, nor do i feel quite right in stillbirths threads. So, here we are, finally. im so grateful to find some support, some empathy. Coz life goes on normal for everyone else at large, your friends, parents, even your partner. even i act and look kinda normal most times. its only when im alone, on the bus home, taking a shower, before bedtime etc that i can indulge in my grief. Thank you.

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Old Jul 9th, 2013, 15:36 PM   33
Pregnant (Expecting)
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Thank you for this forum! I had my baby at 15w5days. Although the medical term is a miscarriage, I felt like it was very different. I mean I had labor; I had a tiny human form that came out of me; I had a boy. A week later, my head is just spinning. I keep thinking that it was something that I did wrong...even though you hear it all the time not to blame yourself. My 1st trimester was worrisome...with bleeding episodes, strong aversions to food and smells, and overwhelming fatigue. On top of that, we tried to conceive for 15 cycles before we finally did. It was always a relief to go into the doctor and hear the heartbeat on the doppler and see him wiggling on the ultrasound. Even up until my very last ultrasound (after my water broke), he still had a great hearbeat of 155 bpm and was wiggling around in the small amount of fluid he did have left.

It's just so devastating. Since I was in the 2nd trimester, I was getting to be more comfortable. I waited until the 12 week ultrasound to make a large-scale announcement. Now a month later...nothing. I'm also afraid of conceiving again. Just never imagined my luck would be this bad (I have no other children).

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I am so happy I stumbled across this page I finally feel I fit in after having two late miscarriages in the last 15 months my first at 23 weeks and my second on the 2 nd of June 14 at 21+4 weeks. I give birth naturally to both my little boys and feel that being placed in the miscarriage section breaks my heart because they where both close to the legal 24 weeks

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