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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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4 days late, possible imlantation blood?, & clear discharge

Hi everyone. I cruise this site often to read posts from people. I had my first son after 8 years of trying, it just happened. I have been trying since we had him for our second. We are almost nearing our 3 year mark of ttc for #2.
I go into the doctor today for a consult on IUI.
My problem is my period is 4 days late putting me at 20DPO as I have a little longer of a cycle then most.
I have been having cramps off and on, some painful some not so much.
Around 10-11po I had discharge of brown blood. I thought it must be old blood and that af was on her way but have not had any sign of her.
My breasts are not sore like they usually are around af and I have been excessively moody with very vivid dreams.
I took a test this morning and got a bfn and was hoping for either a bfp or af so that I would know that this visit to the doctor for IUI wouldn't be in vain.
I have been having clear cm since the old blood incident and it hasn't stopped. Some days more then others, no smell, pretty sure I don't have an infection.
When I found out with my son I was pregnant I got a very readable faint line at 5 weeks 4 days.
My question I guess is, is there any way I am pregnant or should a test have shown up by now.

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Just spotted your thread, I guess you have an answer by now?
Just wondering if you would like to join us in the "35+ LTTTC baby2" thread? We did have about 8 or 9 regulars but we are now down to about 4 of us and could do with some new faces.

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