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PCOS, First Round of Femara and EWCM on CD 4

Hi All! I just joined this site today and am simply looking for some support and knowledge. My DH and I have been TTC for a year, I was temping and thought I was ovulating but after a year of BFNs I went to see an OB. She diagnosed me with PCOS and doesn't believe I ovulate regularly, if at all.

My most recent cycles have been very erratic. 24 days, 41 days, and 21 days were the last 3. The last cycle I had lots of EWCM on days 4 - 6 and figured there was no way I was O'ing that early so dismissed it.

I started Femara this cycle (days 3- 7) and I am currently on day 5 of my cycle. Again, I had EWCM this morning. My OB suggested starting to use OPKs on CD 11 but I don't know if I should start sooner or not based on the EWCM.

Any of you ladies had any experiences like this?

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I didnt want to read and run. I just started Femara today. I would take O tests just in case, who knows how your body reacts to it and if you are not taking them and are not taking bbt then who knows when you ovulate

Just to be safe that is
GL and baby dust

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