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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Blocked tubes, PCOS, Male Factor

Hello everyone, I am hoping to find someone who has the same problem/s as I do. This will be a fairly long post, I'll try to explain my situation. I am 21 y/o and my husband of 2 years is 25 y/o. We have been TTC since marriage. My cycles have never been regular, sometimes up to a year in between. Finally in December I was sent to a fertility specialist in the "big city". We did an ultrasound and my "string of pearls" was very clear, so I had PCOS or as my doctor likes to say insulin resistance. Well I knew this was not the only problem, so I had an HSG test done, I was in Walmart when I got the call that both of my tubes were blocked. That was one of the most discouraging days of my life. I thought there would be no way to have a child of my own. So then my doctor decided we need to do an Hysterscopy, to check my uterus for any abnormalities, and a semen analysis for my husband. Yesterday we went in for our "treatment consultation". For my husband, he has an incredible amount of sperm, and they move great, but the morphology was only 3% normal, with 15% considered "fertile". My hysterscopy revealed I had some polyps that would of course need to be removed. The only good news we have gotten in all of this testing is that my eggs are excellent, and combined with my age, my doctor thinks we have significantly better chances of conceiving with IVF than any of his other patients. So although finding out some more bad news yesterday was tough, it was also good to know it's still possible for us to become parents. So now for the list of questions/ things I don't understand...Can my tubes be unblocked? They are blocked down at the uterus, and from what I've read, if you have blocked tubes that is where you want it to be blocked at. My doctor doesn't want to mess with them, much less talk about it. My husbands sperm count was 175,000,000 with fertile being 20,000,000 so even though only 3% are normal, wouldn't that still be enough because 3% of 175,000,000 is 5,250,000 and 15% of 20,000,000 is 3,000,000. I know there's probably more to it than just the numbers, I just want to understand. And lastly, has anyone had luck reversing insulin resistance? If so, what did you do? What did you change in your lifestyle that worked so good for you? Any/ all advice is more than welcome...thanks.

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