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My body just killed my alive baby

I have a history of immune system attacking my body, like my hair when I was five and my thryoid when I was 23.
Now I started having a pink discharge on saturday and had been having vaginal cramping the last week before the pink discharge.
It stopped on sunday and monday.
But started bleeding heavier on tuesday and today its been a lot of clots.
I know I lost my baby.
Fact is on tuesday I had a scan (before the bleeding got heavier) and they said they cant understand where the bleeding is coming from and that the baby looks perfectly fine. I was 6+6 then.

Now I am thinking my immune system is killed my baby.

Does this mean that from now on it will kill every baby?

We have no problems of getting pregnant.

And I have two kids from before but obviously my immune system was sweeter back then.

Please help me, I feel like dying and just giving up and letting my man go. He deserves someone who can give him a baby.

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Mirakel so sorry you are going through this. Can you get another scan to confirm whats going on ? Although heavy blood loss and clots may well sadly be a miscarriage there are also ladies on these boards who can have this and the baby still be fine. I understand though that sometimes you just feel you 'know' you have lost the baby and i have been in that position myself and its horrible.

Re your immune system you may well have valid concerns. Certainly immune causes of miscarriage are now recognised by some doctors (and often can be sucessfully treated) and this can be after having had a child without a problem. However immune testing is controversial and expensive so not norm available on the nhs if you are in the uk. There is a very interesting book by the founder of repro immunology called Is your body baby friendly by Dr Alan Beer that you can get on amazon and is worth a read. I am currently trying for no 2 after a mc last year and with difficulty concieving, i have a healthy 4 year old. I have tested positive for high natural killer cells and cytokines and am currently trying femara for superovulation with steriods after ovulation and intralipids monthly if i concieve. If an immune issue is your problem then i ve been told they have 75-80% sucess with treatments so please don t lose hope particularly if you can fall pregnant ok.

If you want more info and who does testing etc (i m uk so know about here) then i m happy to share what i know.

Lots of hugs.

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Hi Mirakel, i know its hard but please dont give up hope completely. I had this, I started bleeding at 6 weeks, went for an early scan and they said they couldnt tell where the blood was coming from but he was fine. Then the bleeding got heavier, went to hospital and they said I must have lost it. I was devastated, me and my husband had been ttc for 5 years. When i was 10 weeks i was still bleeding and the midwife contacted me and said she wanted me to go for a scan just to check everything. I went and there he was i carried on bleeding till 17 weeks but the little bean made it. I really hope this helps give you some hope. And if things dont work out for you be firm with the docs that they need to investigate beacause its not fair on you to have to endure this heartache

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I'm so sorry to hear this.

I had a miscarriage a few years ago now. And its utterly shattering. I was so excited one day, and the next it was all gone. I ended up with terrible depression etc. My partner left soon after (this WONT happen to you, he was just a coward!) and my DD and me had to battle on without him. I was quite far along so DD was super excited for her new brother/sister, so she had a lot of grief too.

I was so sure it was "my fault". I had moved house, gotten a new job,my relationship was going badly... it MUST have been the stress. I had a kidney infection too, so if I had drank more water the baby would have been FINE. etc. But none of that was true. There was nothing anyone could do. There was a genetic problem with the baby. I know that now. Feeling guilt is all part of the greiving process. Talk to your GP and ask for them to refer you on for counselling. It can really help you work things out.

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Aw! So sorry mama! Please keep trying! Try different Drs if you aren't happy with the one you are at. I hope you find a solution quick! Hugs!

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