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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Help from NHS for number 2?

After 3 yrs LTTTC with number one, we are starting to think about TTC again.
We had 12 rounds of clomid on the NHS and a final diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' and our next step was IVF. Doctors were very clear with us that IVF was only available for couples with no children. We have our little miracle now thanks to that final round of clomid. Is there any hope we can get clomid again? Is that only for the first child too?
I wanted to find this out now before getting back into the TTC mindset. I have totally enjoyed my 9 months + 1 year of not counting cycles, crying over AFs, DTD when an app on my phone tells me to and POAS.
Thanks for your help.

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It varies a lot between local areas, your best bet is to either find the fertility treatment policy for your local ccg or to ask your GP as they should be able to tell you.

In my area we got nothing, but I know of others who have had some help in terms of investigations and clomid etc.

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As pp says - it varies by area. I did get clomid whilst ttc my second (after help with my first too). They went further & also did monitoring & triggers too.

You should be able to google your local hospital trust & then find their fertility policy.

Good luck x

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I also conceived my first on clomid but have also been perceived it ttc#2. I don't seem to be responding well to it this time though and have been given Metformin too.

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I doubt any area will give IVF for a second child. Clomid is fairly cheap so the NHS don't mind, IUI is 1000 a round so very much area by area, IVF is limited esp waiting lists are long and some areas reluctantly only allow one round for couples with out any children.

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