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New to this section of the forum and Q about hysteroscopy

Hey everyone! I've been TTC baby number 2 since January. I have PCOS and even though it had never affected my ovulation we assumed that was the issue with me, so I was treated for a while with metformin, when it didn't seem to be working I was given Clomid. I did one cycle, got a huge cyst, and a 40 day cycle.

I switched Drs because of location and the new Dr had a completely different outlook than my other Dr. He seems to think that my issue isn't ovulatory, but rather it could be that tissue near my c section scar is causing my infertility. I will be having a hysteroscopy next week to discard uterus issues. I am scared, anyone have any advice on this exam?

If the exam comes back normal then I will get my ovulation induced but with femara, if it doesn't he thinks I should try natural and should get pregnant.

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Hi borr

I have had 2 hysteroscopy now. e originally thought we were dealing with a sperm issue but, a bit like you, once we changed drs, suspected it was my C-section scarring and he was absolutely right.

Mine is a very sever case. I have a severely retroflexed uterus and the scarring is all blocking the entrance from the cervix to the womb by creating a ‘false passage’ . Also the scarring is attaching my uterus to my bladder – all in not great. In fact it is so bad that IVF is not even an option for us. I had a ‘pretend’ embryo transfer so see whether it would be possible if we did go ahead with IVF and the needle count get into my womb, it just kept going down the false passage and almost perforating my bladder!!

Anyway! That’s my story but to answer your question, I had hysteroscopy and laparascopy twice. Under general anaesthetic and I was in hospital for 1 night following each time. But that will depend on the time of your surgery and how well it goes. It can be done as day surgery – I had to stay in overnight as they had to put drains and a catheter in. I had 3 ‘holes’, one in my belly button, one on my bikini line, and one to the side. Within a week I felt better and within 2 weeks I was back at work.

Definitely worth getting it checked out – turns out my problem was physiological (not sperm or hormonal) all caused by my section. It’s been a real shock for me (we had no problems conceiving #1. My second op aimed to fix it, so now we are trying naturally for a bit to see if there is any success. In a few months if still no luck, then I will have another trial embryo transfer so see whether enough work was done to make IVF possible.

Have you got a date for the op?

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