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PCOS and Vitex--any success stories

Hi everyone! DH and I are currently almost 2 years into our journey to have our first little one. Last August I was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor prescribed Metformin, and at my highest dosage I was taking 1500 mg. I went from no cycle for over a year to having at least 1 every 3 months. I had HORRIFIC side effects from the Metformin, and it was making me feel worse, not better. My doc suggested I use Vitex to regulate my cycle. I started taking Vitex in late September, and i am currently on CD 3 with my first period since June!!!! I was told that if it did work, it wouldn't be until December or January.

Have any of you ladies experienced success using Vitex with conceiving? Are there any other herbal supplements that either I or DH can take to help the Vitex? I'm super excited, as I feel so much better and actually have hope that I might get my sweet baby!

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I was taking Vitex when I fell pregnant with my son. I have severe endometriosis. I would like to warn you though, that if you're having regular cycles, Vitex can do more harm then good xx I wasn't ovulating, so my cycles were all over the shop and within three months, fell pregnant xx All the best and sending you lots of baby dust xxx

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Wss ^^ vitex messed me up big time. Use with caution!

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I have PCOS and tried for 3 years to have a baby. Vitex combined with black cohosh helped me get my period back after 18 months, but other that that it made absolutely no difference for me.
The only thing that helped me was 1500mg of metformin. With that I fell pregnant in 3 months.

good luck

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