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need advice on DB poss infertility

Hi ladies,

I need some advice and am hoping someone here can offer it or tell of their own experiences.

My DB and I are thinking about starting a family in the near future. However, he has recently had an inguinal hernia and now hydrocele (fluid in sack) from it. He has had multiple trips to the doctors about having it operated on even though the hernia has been pushed back up.

At first I was OK with it although after reading I have heard risks from the op include an accidental vasectomy - causing infertility.

I need advice - does DB not have the operation so we can try for a child, or will this lead to further issues if the hydrocele gets bigger????

DB also had undescended testicle when he was younger although it got sorted at young age and doc said it wouldn't affect fertility - but now I'm wondering whether to get fertility tests done as well.

I am in bits at the moment and we don't know what to do.. anything will be of help. xxx

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I don't think your in the right forum here - I think you'll get more luck with an answer on the general TTC boards, rather than a specific secondary infertility board. Hope you find the answer you are looking for!

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