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Concerned I may have ashermans after c-section

Hello, my road to motherhood was rather long (3 1/2 years of TTC, thanks to PCOS) and ended up resulting in an emergency c-section as my son decided he was going to try and come out footlong breech.

I nursed for 6 weeks and ever since the c-section, my periods have been so absolutely light that I've barely noticed them at all. I haven't had to use tampons, pads - anything at all. It's almost been just a tiny streak when I wipe, like a hair-width... That's it. No pain, no cramping. Half the time I wonder if it's a period at all, but up until October they were approximately 30 days apart, and this "pattern" of "bleeding" continued for up to 9 days at a time before stopping. Since October I have not had a period (or "period") at all.

Now, I have PCOS and am fully aware that my cycles are able to just stop on their own, but this odd bleeding/spotting/"periods" aren't normal, and the longest I went without a cycle prior to the pregnancy was 6 months - but I was a much heavier weight then.

Are lighter periods (or now none) on their own anything to worry about or bring concerns about ashermans? Or should I be experiencing bad pain if I'm not having periods anymore, as the scarring (if it exists) could be preventing the blood from escaping?

We haven't used any contraception since and of course I haven't fallen pregnant, but I don't use this as anything other than what I would expect for me anyway (I either ovulate very poorly or not at all as a general rule - clomid is how we conceived), but it's primarily the periods that I have been having have just been so light that has been concerning to me, and now the general absence of them entirely.

Are there any things I can do to rule out ashermans? If I ask for norethisterone to try and induce a period and I manage to have one, should I consider that perhaps it's just my body readjusting after the c-section, and PCOS being crappy again?

Is there anything I am missing?

Does anyone understand this post?

Thanks in advance!

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Tbh I've never heard of ashermans but given the issues that you are having with your cycles I think I would speak with your doc and get a referral.

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I had a c section as well and my RE wanted to make sure I didn't have asherman's syndrome. He ran a test called hysteroscopy, it's like a laparoscopy but through your cervix. They go in through your cervix with a tiny camera and look at your uterus and can rule out any issues with that. TBH with you saying you have PCOS and your periods so irregular, it sounds like you just may have ovulation issues. The only way to figure out what's wrong is going to a RE and having them run basic tests. GL!

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id check with drs to rule anything out but when I had afs that came irregular when before C-section I was 30 days now I'm 29 I took agnus castus a few cycles from when I stopped bleeding till middle cycle and it made me regular again

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I had the same worries, and actually had the hysteroscopy done. It looked just fine and put my mind at ease, but definitely wasn't the most comfortable test ever.

I bet you are just fine, but there's something powerful about having a doctor's help when you're nervous.

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You'll definitely need to see a doc. And it could be something so minor that they can see the issue with bloodwork but If they can't figure it out with bloodwork and ultrasounds they'll send you for a saline sonogram or an mri, which I just had to go through to rule out any issues. The good thing is most of these tests are minor and give quick answers.

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