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PCOS and metformin help please!

Hi everyone,
In 2007 I was diagnosed with PCOS, was given metformin to help with cycles etc.. but as we weren't trying for a baby and I didn't tolerate the meds well I decided to stop taking it.. Fast forward a few years, and we were ttc, no monthly cycles for nearly 10 months.. Doc gave me a metformin script and off I went.. AF appeared after 4 days of meds, we caught pregnant that cycle..

This time we have been trying since september 2015, last AF was Decemeber 2015. I have an appointment today to discuss this with my doctor (different doc) will he let me try it?

Was it just a fluke last time? Coincidence?

Anyone have any experience?


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There shouldn't be a reason why he wouldn't let you try it! Best of luck!

I was on it, but I had severe reactions with ACNE!! Ewww... But I am going to go back on it myself once I see my fertility specialists, I too have PCOS!

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It is usually the first thing they try with people with PCOS. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I have PCOS too. When I go in to my doctor that is the first thing I expect and will try. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I had been on metformin for MANY cycles (I lost count), we tried two levels of clomid and nothing worked. My OB was at his limit of help so we were faced with the situation of seeing a specialist, but we are Catholic. So we took a few months off of everything before we made that leap. I didn't chart, didn't really take meds except for a vitamin, I didn't take OPK's, I didn't watch the calendar, etc. I ended up pregnant on the second cycle like that. When we started trying this time, I started that way - and been going on somewhat that way (have added in OPK - and I chart to avoid or conceive) for two years.

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