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mrs c f
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Endo and 10 day periods

I have endometriosis stage 4 on my bowl and pelvis. It was on one ovary but that was removed. Lately my periods have started lasting 10 days. I have two normal heavy days then it tails off then after a couple of days it picks up again and lasts for ten days. Not heavy but constant light bleeding dark red and brown. This month it made me ovulate late but I still started af on day 29 which made my lutual phase 10 days.
Does anyone else suffer long af's?

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Hi. I am brand new to this site and came across this post. I also have stage 4 endo and I have pcos. Had surgery in 2008 but it has come back full force. Have you thought about taking serrapeptase? I started it yesterday.

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Hi mrs c f. I suffer from endo too. I was never told what stage but I can absolutely relate to the 10 day periods. My periods have been 10 days for a couple years now, and yes I also ovulate late but have a normal 28 day cycle. Mine start light for the first 2 days, then I have 1 day of horrendous cramps and back pain (sometimes it even extends to my hips and thighs) with heavy flow. Day 4 is and sometimes 5 are super heavy. Then after that its light until day 10, actually exactly as you described: "Not heavy but constant light bleeding dark red and brown. "

Unfortunately I don't have any answers. I've had hormones tested, ultrasounds, and laparascopy done. The doctor just tells me that he can't do anything except put me on bc pills.

There is a group of us that suffer endo. You are more than welcome to come and join in!

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