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Femera users and 21day progesterone levels

Anyone taking Femera and had 21 day progesterone levels taken?
What was your level and did you end up pregnant?

With my daughter I took Femera 5mg 3-10 and my progesterone level was 11.5 the cycle I ended up pregnant.
This month I took Femera 2.5mg 3-7 and just got my progesterone levels back at a 6.2. I know this means I ovulated but I'm curious if I could hold a viable pregnancy if one stuck.

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It's worked for you once therefore good chance of it working again. I can't remember the levels they look for but good luck.

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Hey ladies. I didn't want to read an run. But I noticed the talk on Progesterone and I wanted help with my levels. CD 21 my levels were at 7.4. Some places those are ovulation levels and some places read that I have to be 10+ to sign for ovulation. It took us a little over a year to conceive my DS and he is 2, he is a clomid baby (6 rounds). If I do not become PG this cycle (third) I will do clomid next cycle.

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Faith was the result in: ng/ml or nmol/L. Let me no! xx

Under25ttc sorry I can't be off help as I'm not sure on that one and have never taken femera. xx

Also I came here for advice too as i got my cd21 results back and the levels was 2.8nmol/L which is super low! My issue is I assumed I had already ovulated going by twinges and ewcm and CP so AF was due days ago but I didn't get cd21 results until after I was late! Now I no I'm late because I didn't ovulate which is so gutting but my question is... will my body try to ovulate this late cd30 or should I expect AF! TBH will I even get a period! I'm really confused and my results was really unexpected as I had was I thought was IB on (assumed) dpo12 which I know now wasn't dpo12!

What do u ladies think! xx

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