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Testosterone levels (low side of normal)

Is anyone familiar with testosterone levels in men? I know what the "normal" range is, but just wondering if anyone has dealt with it as an infertility issue. My husband had his testosterone and thyroid checked since we've been ttc for almost a year and the most progress we've had is an early miscarriage.

A little background, we have a two year old son who was conceived on the 2nd try of ttc in 2013. Easy, no issues, boom, done. Fast forward to now and we've been having no luck/bad luck. I had tests run on me and I have low progesterone and that looks to be the only thing on my side. So my dh had some tests run and he has low end of normal testosterone (a level of 313 on a rand of 270-850+). I'm 33, he's almost 33.

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