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Progesterone/HCG levels before MC. Cross posted.

I'm on day 5 of my MC of my 7 week old bean. I have a previous history of MC, atleast one other confirmed. I have had fertility issues since my first confirmed MC in 2009. I've had awful severely painful periods that I'm assuming has been the result of low progesterone levels. I had my OB test my progesterone level back in February 2016 to try to address my awful periods once and for all. It came back 2.4 ngml at that time. My OB suggested possibly endometriosis but wasn't willing to move forward unless I was trying to conceive- I wasn't at that time but wanted to still fix me.. Fastforward, I did research and began taking Vitex to boost progesterone to hopefully fix my periods. I was taking 2 a day everyday of cycle since February. I ovulated with ewcm in June for the first time in forever. I ovulated again in July and that is when we conceived accidentally but happily. I can only attribute my fertile CM and pregnancy to Vitex- as well as other vitamins like b6 and c.

I voiced my concerns to OB about supplements and previous low progesterone but would not see me until 8 weeks pregnant. The day of my 7 week mark, Friday 8/12 I began to spot- was rushed in for sonogram and was relieved to see a beautifully sized beating hearted body. I was put on pelvic rest and sent home. We got bloodwork done for HCG and Progesterone and then went home. I began bleeding heavily passing huge clots. Within 2 hours or so of seeing the heart beat of my to be baby, I knew I was passing it.

I have my follow up appointment tonight with OB to make sure I passed everything. I also received my blood test results. They're attached. I'm trying to research the most I can before my appointment because I'm afraid my OB will once again not be willing to address my seemingly low progesterone. (I'm in the process of finding a new OB by the way).

Do you guys see what I'm seeing here? Am I missing something? I have not yet had a viable pregnancy and am learning as I go. I'm below the normal ranges, could this still be passed off as just a fluke MC? Any input would be so appreciated ladies!

And for those with low progesterone, like around my range, did you receive help from your OB? In what way? Did you have a healthy pregnancy after?

I also want to add that I continued to take Vitex throughout the pregnancy after reading about many women possibly inducing MC by stopping Vitex abruptly. My plan was to wait until placenta took over and wean myself off. I also took prenatals from the moment I got a maybe second line on an HPT.

I stopped Vitex completely when I began obviously miscarrying (Saturday was my first day not taking it) so that my levels could normalize for any future tests I'll have.

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Hi I just didn't want to read and run. I am not an expert by any means but I've always had borderline progesterone. During my last (successful) pregnancy, it was in the 14 range and I freaked out and demanded to be supplemented. My OB who is wonderful and like family basically told me he isn't worried so I followed his advice and I have an amazing ds 15 mo healthy etc.

I am going through a chemical pregnancy now and my progesterone is in th 16 range. I've never tested my progesterone while not pregnant so this may not be helpful but like I said, I always understood this to be low to midrange...I think yours is 3.4? progesterone is the hormone that promotes pregnancy- i believe it thickens lining and creates an environment for implantation and growth of the embryo- on harm in having more of it!

I think a new OB is def in order. Do not put your health in the hands of someone who doesn't listen to your concerns. I am all about healthy ways to encourage our cycles to level out but I would def see someone new or even an RE for a full work up just to get yourself feeling good about your cycles. Sticky bfp vibes to you. I am so sorry you are going through this.

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3.4 is below what I've heard as normal of 6.6. Mine (at my day 21 test last ,onto) was 6.9. With our last loss my progesterone at 10 dpo was 8.8. This month my OB put me on Clomid even though I already ovulate and my cd21 bloodtest was Wed. They called me yesterday to tell me my progesterone was 28.9! Not sure what to think

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