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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Breakthrough or implantation bleeding???

I need some serious help. I've always been an onlooker for posts and never posted anything but I need some serious help.
I had a miscarriage back in August (the 15th-the19th to be exact.)
My period returned September 12th. And then seemed to be normal after that. I had another period on October 15th.
I know for SURE that i ovulated either the 4th or 5th of this month.

So here is where things get weird. I started spotting on the 11th. By sporting I mean whenever I wiped. I've been spotting since then. On and off and only when I wipe. At first I had lost of EWCM and the pink or brown was mixed with that. It never got heavy to the point where I had to put a tampon in or wear a pad. It's only when I wipe.
I have mild cramping. More like an annoying buzzing, pulling feeling. My period was supposed to start yesterday and I still have nothing. I tested negative on Monday when I took a test.

Any chance any of you can give me any insight? I've read that it could be breakthrough bleeding...
Any opinions would be great!

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