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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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isthmocele/c section scar causing Secondary Infertility

Please help! I'm so devastated and can't stop crying. I have just found out that my previous c section scar is retaining fluid and that is possibly the reason for my infertility. Research shows that it creates a hostile environment for sperm and also implantation. My Dr says that its not in a spot where a baby would implant but I'm still worried as its been 3 years of ttc and one ectopic pregnancy. It seems like it can also cause ivf to fail. We can only afford to do ivf once and therefore I cannot have something like this to cause it to fail. I don't know what to do or believe anymore and I have no more tears left. Please if anyone has had this issue and still gone on to have a successful pregnancy I would forever be greatful to hear your success story

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