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TTC and hypothyroidism.

Just wondering if anyone else ttc on here has hypothyroidism?
It's been months since I was first diagnosed and given medication after tests due to a long period of ttc and we're still not having any luck
I've fallen pregnant fairly easily and quickly before so this has been a bit of a shock.
I know other people are ttc baby number1 and I should be grateful I have my little ones already but it's still upsetting that this isn't happening for us again

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Hi there, I realize your post is from a while ago, but I thought I would respond anyway.

I suffer from Hypothyroidism as well, although it is very mild and wasn't diagnosed until I had been TTC for around 14 cycles. I went on a low dose of synthroid and my level went down to a 1.5 (ideal fertile range is between 0.5 - 2.0)
I conceived my very next cycle, 15 cycles (1.5years) of trying to get pregnant. I was certain it was my thyroid that was preventing pregnancy. I also added some natural fertility boosters to my life. For example, healthier super foods, one to be specific was Maca Root Powder. I was on Maca Root for 3 months when I conceived and it helped my cycles go from 34 days to finally 28 when I fell pregnant.

Fast forward to now and we have been TTC #2 since September. I am thinking of having my levels re-tested again, they were within normal range before Christmas however I have had hair loss and weight gain recently, which was a clear indication before that my levels were out of whack.

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