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U.S citizen in Canada, what are fertility aid chances?

We've been TTC for 7-8 months now, after 3 MCs I'm going to try and get some help or at least get checked out. However, I am a U.S. citizen going through permanent residency with my husband (Canadian citizen) and don't have the healthcare or anything yet. Will they even take me? Should I wait to try and set up an appointment till after I have some kind of coverage? I haven't had any kind of screening or anything for 10 years I know I need a check up with that at least.

I did end up getting pregnant when I was 21, with my ex, but I ended up having to have a forced chemical MC due to it attached too close to my tube and was semi growing in it, causing sever pain and discomfort. However, even since being with my husband I've been conceiving and miscarrying or not being able to conceive at all. I can't help but wonder if it is me or something else.

Anyways any thoughts or comments on your experience or if you think you know what they would say would be much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and have a great one ladies!

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