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Due to the Infertility Rate, Should Women Live with Insecurity?

40% of women today are more anxious about their fertility status, especially those who desire to start families in the future. Men are also affected by the same peril, but women rank highly when it comes to infertility.

When women think of their self-development side, the desire to live independently and the love to change the world in one way or another, many find that they have limited time to think about love relationships and above all getting pregnant.

To mount pressure on that, women have biological clocks that tick even when one is asleep. However, the fertility expert at Sofat Infertility centre, the leading IVF centre in India, says that a woman can establish herself financially while monitoring her fertility. Though itís best to give birth in the 20s, early and mid-30s arenít full of hassles in case a woman partner with a fertility expert to maintain or improve her fertility.

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