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Unexplained Infertility: newbie here


I'm new to this particular part of the forum. My husband and I have been trying for #2 consecutively for 15 months but if I add up all the months before that that we tried (not in a row) then we've been trying for just over 2 years.

We conceived our daughter easily, after only 2 months of trying. She's 4 years old, now, and I'm desperate to give her a sibling. She loves babies and younger kids. She's so sweet and my heart breaks every time we go to the park and she's alone because we are the only one's there...if she had a sibling she would always have a friend to play with.

The doctors have said we have unexplained infertility. Everything is working okay...we're just not getting pregnant.

I've been trying herbal supplements, like raspberry leaf, to help make my uterus a healthier place. I've just started fertility yoga (yea, it's a thing!) and I'm hoping it makes a difference. I tend to sit a lot during the day, so I'm going to make sure to go on a walk every day and do yoga 3-4 times a week.

My husband is taking maca root, just to make sure his spermies are nice and healthy (for motility and sperm count). We've both cut out caffeine and added lots of vitamin C. We also have been using preseed.

I feel like we are doing everything right and I just don't understand why it's not working...I feel like with every month that goes by my chances of ever being pregnant again goes down significantly . I don't know what else to do.

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Hi hun, we're in the same position. Fell pregnant with our son easily whilst NTNP, he's now nearly 8, but have spent 4 years TTC#2. I've been through all the same emotions and feelings of guilt you've described. We had an early miscarriage on our 2nd cycle and then nothing for 4 years until I finally fell pregnant in September, but unfortunately we are currently going through another miscarriage. Our infertility is unexplained too, I have endometriosis, but as it's not in my tubes it technically shouldn't be causing problems. Hubby's swimmers are better than average.

About 2 months before I fell pregnant this time, I started taking a vitamin B complex in addition to my TTC vitamins. I don't know if that made a difference? We also use Conceive Plus (same idea as preseed) but forgot to use it a lot that month. Again, I don't know if it's coincidence but maybe it was doing us more harm than good?

Sending lots of luck and baby dust to you x

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Oh sweetie I feel for you. Not that I can really offer any ideas that would help. But I am there too. My ob gyn said that my fertility tests came back normal and she doesn't know why I am not getting pregnant myself. My next option is DH having a SA. GL and ***baby dust***

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