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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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14 months failed

Hi there, my husband and I are in the tww on month 15 of trying for our second child. Each month that goes by I feel more and more stressed that our daughter turns 3 next month and we are still not pregnant. I know you can't plan life exactly how you want it, but I am starting to feel hopeless. I have started seeing a natural dr. who has done acupuncture during the implantation stage, which we are in right now. I am 30, which I know is still on the younger side, but that worries me also. I know we can have children, since we already have one. I just worry something else is wrong. I have an appointment with my OB in a couple weeks if this month fails. Is there anyone out there that got pregnant around trying for this long?

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Hi! We have such similar lives. We've been TTC our second for...hmm...17 months now. Our daughter turned 4 in September. I for sure thought I would be pregnant by now. I prefer natural solutions, too, and feel like I've tried everything. I take raspberry leaf capsules in case it's an implantation issue and my uterus needs to be stronger. I take vitamin e in case my eggs aren't healthy enough, I take omega 3/6 fatty acids for overall fertility health, and I started fertility yoga last month. I try to exercise daily so that I keep my body healthy. I eliminated caffeine and we don't drink alcohol. My husband takes vitamin e and maca root for sperm health and motility...just in case.

I'm 31...husband is 33. I have no idea why we aren't getting pregnant. We dont have any issues in that area and my cycle is regular and I ovulate every month.

So...what's the deal? We got pregnant with our daughter on the second month of trying. We felt so fortunate to not have fertility issues...and now? Ugh. I'm numb sometimes...and other times (like during the TWW) I feel obsessed with every twinge.

AF is due in 2-3 days and I just know we aren't pregnant again. Next cycle I could find out on Christmas heart would break if AF came Christmas eve.

Just feeling defeated and sad. You're not alone.

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