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Today Sucks

It's thanksgiving.

AF came today and decided to make the main symptom be we decided to postpone thanksgiving until tomorrow. Typically my AF nausea lasts only 1 day so fingers crossed it's gone tomorrow. I even threw up my cinnamon roll that I had for breakfast before AF kicked me in the uterus.

On top of that, two of my friends announced their pregnancies today. One is having baby #4, the youngest kid in her family is a year younger than my daughter. The other friend is having #2. Her son is two years younger than my daughter.

I'm feeling numb. I just needed a safe space to talk and vent my feelings. We've been TTC almost 2 years. Next month AF is due two days before christmas. I'm praying for a christmas miracle.

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I'm so sorry
I hope you're blessed with a BFP for Christmas

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