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First Time Sharing my story!!

Hello ladies!! I go by Capricorn! I am 26 and was diagnosed with secondary infertility. Upon second opinion I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Not too sure if those are synonymous but point is I have not had a live birth ever.
Short facts about me:
I married my childhood sweetheart a few months ago (we met at age 13 in church)
we bought our starter home last year
I am a full time step mother to his child (I love my son, and im the only mother hes ever known)
I have had several spontaneous miscarriages
confirmed endometriosis with laparoscopy (at age 13)
Depo provera Birth control from ages 13-17 and nuva ring from 17-19 yrsold.
I have finally!! finished college (2 degrees later) and am ready for my baby!

Now the point of this post:
I suspected I may need assistance getting pregnant because I wasn't as responsible as I seemed during my young adult years sexual. But pregnancy never occurred. Plus my periods starting coming randomly later and later finally leveling out at every 60 days. I tempted but never caught a rise or dip, I used ovulation kits and noticed multiple prolonged surges. And the debilitating cramps around my mythical fertile window. I heard it ll from friends and family. "it'll happen" or "don't think about it" or "what's the rush?" and my favorite "when you least expect it and stop focusing on it so much it will happen".
So I quietly decided my new years resolution was to go to a fertility specialist and just casually run some tests. Nothing serious. And after several qualitative and quantitative blood tests and two sonograms two doctors confirmed at least 1 thing. I don't and have not been ovulating. However there are no other apparent problems either. Tubes, ovaries, uterus, egg reserve and some hormone levels are all normal in size and or quality. Obviously I have a steady low level of progesterone that hates me and never rises which is abnormal. Never mind all those people who told me it was my hyper focus on WANTING A BABY, inherently preventing me from having a baby!! Swallowing the I told you so, still forms a lump in my throat when I see those same people today..
So with this information, my husband and I decide to jump straight into medication. Even though my doctor wanted to go to IUI for a more immediate approach. We settle for Provera 10 days to induce a period and Letrozole (Femara) 2.5 mg taken Cycle days 3-7.
I never made it 10 days. My period came 12 hours after the first pill which would make my previous cycle 29 days long!!! I was instructed to take 2 more tablets of Provera to ensure it was a menstrual bleed and not withdrawl bleed. Then wait until day 4 to start Letrozole.
Provera was fine until day three, I was just emotionally unstable. And quick tempered and the period although the earliest arrival I've had in almost 10 years was heavy and extremely painful. It wasn't until after The Provera and Letrozole that I got headaches, extreme thirst, tiredness, ache muscles and joints, and sore legs. Next steps are to take ovulation kits and go see my doctor when I get a positive to run a blood test and do a sonogram. Ovulation kits look positive as of today but I'm gonna keep testing and doing baby dance until I see a positive that's bolded beyond belief. If that's even possible, probably go to doctor CD 14 and again on CD 16 just to cover my basis. Is that Nuts??

I guess I anxious about my first cycle I'm on Cd 13 of the first medicated cycle ever and I'm not sure if I'm feeling ovulation pains (since I've never had any due to annovulation) or if I am at major risk of multiples or miscarriage. I guess I just wanna talk about what comes next with those who can relate. My husband and our families have been great but they just don't get it.

Anyway all comments and questions are welcomed! I hope to engage all of you queens on the forums! Thanks for reading this, considering it was freaking long! And baby dust to everyone!!

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Hi Capricorn. Iím sorry for your troubles. Itís so hard when you want something and no one around you understands, but it sounds like youíre on the right path for you now. Iíve never used Provera or the other one that you mentioned, but I have battled with secondary infertility and two miscarriages. Sorry I donít have anything to offer, but I didnít want to read without saying anything. Sending you lots of baby dust and hoping you and your husband catch an egg soon!

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Hi Capricorn. You should be proud of yourself for taking the steps to seek help with fertility. You're right. A lot of people around us don't understand the struggle. "Just stop thinking about it and stop trying" is quite possibly the most ignorant phrase I've ever heard. People mean well, but they just don't understand if they haven't been in the same situation. Some of the people I am closest to have given me the same advice through the years.

What kind of ovulation kits are you using? I had a very difficult time reading ovulation kits that compared colors of lines. I got "line eye," so to speak, and over-analyzed. They're a bit more costly, but I preferred to use Clear Blue Advanced Digital Ovulation sticks. There's no line reading. You get a blinking smiley face on days that you are expected to have high fertility and a solid smiley face on days that are considered Peak Fertility. Also, not everyone experiences ovulation pains. You can still ovulate without feeling pain associated with it.

Reading your story is encouraging. Don't let others persuade your opinion. You know your body better than anyone else. Trust your instincts. Baby dust to you and hope to hear good news from you soon!

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