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Sperm issues

After 4 long years of ttc #2, I went to a fertility clinic and I got some tests done... all seemed ok. DH's turn. BAM! his sperm count is almost zero (10000) and his sperm motility is zero. This was almost two months ago... and I still can't process this information. DH was shocked. He didn't go to the doctor any more after I suggested that. He was so depressed that I told him we can wait a couple of months then rerun the tests and take it from there. And he took my advice.
Not a day that passes by that I dont think about it. Seeing my son grow without a sibling. He still doesnt quite understand the words 'brother' or 'sister'. Seeing DH lost in his thoughts and feeling bad whenever he paases by a fertility clinic or a laboratory.
For all the past years I thought the worst news for me was to find out that I am infertile. Turns out it's even worse when DH is infertile... Not much can be done for male infertility.
Anyway, thought there maybe some ladies in here dealing with DH infertility... How do you girls handle that?

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Hiya Hun,

I have problems from both sides! I've also been trying a long time (8 years+) But there is things you can use to improve his sperm count and mobility! One is genetilited maca, I've read loads on trials that proved it increased men's count and mobility so I got my fiancÚ on it. He takes it daily for 1st month he took 500mg daily second month 1000mg and third month which is now 1500mg a day which is the most recommended to take. It also helps with sex drive, energy and more. Only time will tell for us if it's working! Unless my fiancÚ ends up being called in for after SA test. Try not to be disheartened as 10000 ain't none and it only takes 1 and there's ways to help improve both count and mobility.

More on increasing mobility and count

Here are 10 science-backed ways to boost sperm count and increase fertility in men.
Take D-Aspartic Acid Supplements. ...
Exercise Regularly. ...
Get Enough Vitamin C. ...
Relax and Minimize Stress. ...
Get Enough Vitamin D. ...
Try Tribulus Terrestris. ...
Take Fenugreek Supplements. ...
Get Enough Zinc.

Also you could read this!

I don't cope very well but I have a beautiful miracle DD so I have to stay sane for her xx

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I hate being blind sided by bad news. It really is the worst. I just want to offer hope that sperm regenerates, and they can check for a varicocele, maybe theres a new medication he is on? Since you guys conceived once, maybe his sperm issues are reversible. We conceived DD with only 1 percent morphology, even though its a different problem I think there are enough changes with sperm that it is not absolute. I think i saw once clomid for guys????

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