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period after a chemical pregnancy

hi all

i had a mc at 17 weeks at teh end of oct. my first af arrived at the beginning of december. on new years day, i got 10 faint positives on only first response tests and 5 negative tests over the course of 3 days before my period might have been due. i never ever got a positive on less sensitive tests such as clearblue digi. i went to hospital on the third day when i finally got a negative, and they sed my womb has nothing except the beginnings of a period and my hcg levels were now 5. im convinced that teh 10 faint positive first responses 2 days earlier means my levels were around 12 (as first responses test at around 12.5) but less than 20 (as the other less sensitive tests didnt detect hcg). im sure that by the time that 3 days had passed and my bloods were taken, my levels had dropped from 12ish to 5ish...(i read that hcg levels halve every 1.5 days)

this is a question to anyonelse that has experienced a very very very early chemical preg. how soon after your negative test did u get your period? and should i be worried that i have had a chemical preg (albeit so early on) after my mc?

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Hi!! I will never be sure if I had a chemical pregnancy, as in my country they dont use that term.. for them, you´re either pregnant or not!

What happened to me is that, Once my period was late (and Im regular) I got a faint BFP... I took another test 2 days later and got another faint BFP.

I went to see my doctor and to "confirm" it, got a blood test, and here they dont show the levels of hcg, but they only write down POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.. So I got a negative.
My doctor said he cannot see if I was ever pregnant, or it was a false positive and a mixture of annovulatory cycle. He said that by procedure, I have to wait 3 months to get my period, in case I wouldnt get it, I had to take progesterone for 10 days., but he prescribed it to me 2 weeks later. I took my progesterone for the 10 days and 2 days after I finished, I got my period. However, it lasted 2 days longer that it should!

So Im not sure how long it takes, but I didnt want to read and run! good luck and baby dust to you!

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I had a chemical pregnancy at 4wks 5days and started my period 2 days after my negative test. I am sorry and hope this helps!

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I always start about 2 days after the tests go neg. It tends to be a bit heavier, and clottier... sorry you had to deal with that... best of luck for a sticky BFP soon!

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