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Get H&M bargains..

Get H&M bargains- Theres a code for 10% off and free delivery and one for £5 off the order..I wanted a tom and jerry top for DS2-its £5.99+£3.90 postage..but by adding 2 £2.99 tops for DS3 and using both codes I got the lot for £6.97 lower than what I would have paid for tom top alone! Did the other day with angry bird top and some jeans and then a garfielD top and some bibs..they all work out that you get the main item for less and fee stuff lol..orders have to come to more than £6 for it to work though-so best doing it with a £5-6 item and then playing with other stuff to get it to work out cheap..fabness! lol codes are 0439 and then 1304 if you fancy trying it..It does take some adding and removing stuff to get it to work properly some times though

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Thanks, just ordered 2 pairs of leggings for £7 delivered! x

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Brilliant just used them- thanks :-)

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the 0439 doesnt work

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