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iPad help needed please!

When buying an iPad would you recommend wifi only or wifi and cellular? Any advice gratefully received! We are wanting to get my dad one for Xmas and struggling to decide. Thinking of the iPad air but unsure if cellular is worth 100 more or not

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It really depends on what the use will be. If it will be used loads out of the house, than you may want to invest in the cellular, so that you can access the internet away from home. If it will only be used at home, then wifi is all that you need.

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I agree with what troxxy said. It all depends on where you'll be using it. I have a wifi only but I do use it out places too. Most places have wifi now anyway! Even target!

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Also with most phones now you can link your mobile Internet to your iPad to use out of the house, I only have a wifi ipad but when we went on holiday I used my iPhone with unlimited data allowance to link my ipad so I could still use it...I think it's called tethering? X

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